The next evolution in flea removal and grooming.


Pet Friendly

Eliminate fleas and ticks with the revolutionary new Kritter Katcher comb. Designed to take the pain out of flea removal, the Kritter Katcher comb removes tangles as you comb and also takes painful pressure off of the skin. Less discomfort means you can comb for longer periods of time which increases likelihood that fleas are removed on each comb through the hair.



With a 20% wider design over traditional flea combs the Kritter Katcher comb is designed for maximum effectiveness with the least amount of combing.


Three Combs in One

(1) Detangling comb that removes tangles and smooths the hair (2) Flea comb that removes the vermin and (3) Kritter Katcher comb – Removes tangles, vermin and takes the pressure off the skin. This comb is compact, effective, and delivers maximum value at a great price. It works on thick or thin hair, straight or curly. It gets the tangles out and most importantly removes vermin. It helps with shedding hair too. Anything that resides on the skin or close to the skin that a traditional flea comb is used for, the Kritter Katcher does it better and with less discomfort.


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